Jaedyn James 2018

The Predator, The Prey

Jaedyn James is the lead of the eight piece ‘Raw Funk & Aggressive Soul’ band, The Hunger.  Consumed by her passion at 23 years old, James quit her full time job and assembled a group of musicians based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  JJ‘s work ethic, energy, and music reflect the stylings of James Brown, Etta James, Lucille Ball, Marina Abromovich, and ee cummings. The combination of a powerful, modern woman using vintage sounds and attitudes is not only refreshing, but cause to celebrate.

Get your hands & ears on the New 3 track EP, Outright.

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Recorded & engineered by John Miller ( former co-owner of Secret Stash ) out of, Future Condo. The title track, “Outright” was written by Sam Harvey-Carlson and features strings by Adam Conrad, horns by Ben Bussey, and lyrics & vocals by James. Produced by Jaedyn James. 

“A young, high-energy, soulful belter who’s part Irma Thomas and Amy Winehouse with a groovy funk ’n’ soul big band akin to Sonny Knight’s Lakers, they’re touting the release of a new EP, “Outright,” which shows off their impressive range in just three songs, from the down-and-out title track to the aptly named blaster “Killin’ It.”

– Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

Within 2 years of managing & fronting The Hunger, James sent the band on regional tours, recorded the 14 track album,”RAW,” produced 4 music videos, and received national radio play. The last of the video series, “Set You On Fire” gained over 25,000 views in the first two weeks of release. Never a stranger to challenge, James is setting the stage for 2018 to be one of the band’s biggest years yet.

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There’s no better way to experience

Jaedyn James & The Hunger than a live show.

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“Minneapolis-based funk and soul up-and-comer Jaedyn James and her eight-piece, horn-addled band balances old-school Aretha Franklin grooves with a modern sensibility. Their full-tilt live shows and suggestive songs are at once empowering and sexy.” ( read full article…) – Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

“This is a band where everyone brings and leaves it ALL on the stage. The joint was jumping, singing and grinding. The horn section is formidable… James meets and exceeds the expectation with her gravelly and soulful voice ( read full article…)” – Becca Marx, RIFT magazine

“Jame’s voice has undeniable sense of power to it and, mixed with the smile on her face, made for one of the most powerful front women I have ever seen.” ( read full article…) – Langden Golstien, Twin Cities Media

Come hungry. Leave hungry.


Recording Houses

Future Condo – John Miller,


Uptown Sound – Thomas Buchanan & Rob Genadek,


Minnehaha Recording Company – Tony Williamette,



Design Team

Video & Graphic Design – Guy Wagner,  Splashtantrum.com

Photo – Alexander Just – ( Click for Photos )

Website – Kate Burnevik


Vocal Coach

 Libby Turner


Booking –  jjandthehunger@gmail.com